Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Introduction OOPS (Object oriented programming system)

What is Oops?

OOPs is the new concept of programming, parallel to Procedure oriented programming. It were intorduced in late 80's. It consider the programming simulated to real world objects.

Oops is Object oriented programming system. In the OOPS concept we devide our project in different modules(also called a classes) and then create a object for particular module and with the help of this object, we use the functionality of particular module. In OOP's concept we can't do anything without an Object. OOPS reduce the code of the program because of the extensive feature of Polymorphism. OOps have many properties such as DataHiding, Inheritence, Data Absraction, Data Encapsulation and many more.

Why we use oops concepts?
WE use OOPS because it supports polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation.
Inheritance provide reusing the defined the code without rewriting them and as well we can write in them new fields and methods.
Encapsulation provide data hiding or data security. It also supports combining the variables and their methods in a single class. It also supports modification in coding without complexity. Because of Encapsulation, The Error can be detected easily.
Polymorphism at run time supports assigning a relative object at run time. It also supports method overriding that is same method name with different no of parameters or with parameters with different data types.

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